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chapter 5, just in time for halloween!

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[a shot from higher up in the trees, looking through the wooden pillars. white fangs float among them, following a glow reflected onto the snow below. entire chunks are missing from some tree trunks, the holes marked by patches of ice and bleached bite-marks.]
[lick, trudging along through the thick snow. their gaze is fixed straight ahead, their expression sharp. dusty is glancing around underneath them as they are carried along.]
[dusty frowns.]
[they turn upward gingerly.
dusty: "lick... are you okay? you've been quiet."]
[lick continues walking, not faltering or glancing downward.
lick: "...yeah. we'll find a way to thaw the train. i know it."
dusty: "don't you wanna find a way out of htis forest? get somewhere safe?"]
[from a distance, lick walks past a thick concentration of the forest, their frozen tail trailing behind. their footsteps walk back to the POV. there are more trees with the bite marks on them.
lick: "but we can't just... leave the train here."
dusty: "it's a popsicle by now, lick. why bother?"]