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[from behind a tree, a pair of ivory fangs prowl toward the light, over lick's pawprints in the snow. the shadow of lick's tail falls over the trunk of the tree, the tip coming into contact with a frozen bitemark in the tree.
lick: "dusty, how else are we gonna find the sun?"
dusty: "...lick-"
lick: "no. don't say it."
dusty: "lick, i think you need to be... prepared for-"
lick: "please don't say it."]
[dusty is grimacing as they speak.
dusty: "... i think that... the sun is gone."]
[lick continues walking, but their ears turn backward, and their gaze saddens.
lick: "... that's easy for you to say. you emit light, you don't know what it's like."
dusty: "i just mean... realistically-"]
[lick plops dusty in the snow.]
[lick, sitting down, one paw forward, ears back and their face intense. dusty merely stares at lick as they talk.
lick: "realistically? you don't know any more than i do about what's realistic. you're literally a hot-air-filled rustbucket."]
[dusty's expression is blank with bewilderment.
dusty: "... wow. that's... quite the choice of words."]
larry the cucumber 5th Nov 2019, 10:53 AM edit delete reply
this comic reminds me of my friend bob the tomato: it is good and funny and also a little serious. i assume it will also develop into something that reminds me of my friend archibald the asparagus: still good but less funny and more serious. as a cucumber i approve of the lack of cucumber murders. also i love the characters especially because there are only two so i don’t have to memorize one hundred names. please post more soon ❤️
c_rberus 9th Nov 2019, 6:01 AM edit delete reply