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[lick looks at it still, ears back, still holding on.]
[the teeth shatter in the wolf's mouth and black liquid comes pouring out from the mouth.]
[as the substance pours down, the teeth reduced to bleached dust and rocks, dusty is finally freed from the teeth and lick hugs them tight as they fall.
dusty: "LICK-!!"]
[they're carried downward by the shadow-y cascade, black liquid splashing around them.]
[the liquid rushes out over the surrounding snow. the pov focuses on the base of a tree that has had a bite taken out of it by a white figure, ice spread on its trunk. the water rushes into view.]
[it splashes onto and around the trunk.]
[as it moves on and washes away, it's apparent that the snow and ice from the trunk has disappeared, consumed by the shadow, and grass sprouts from where the snow once squatted.]