29th Feb 2020, 9:00 AM in chapter 5

Author Notes:

c_rberus 29th Feb 2020, 9:00 AM edit delete
the long-awaited end to chapter 5! we are officially halfway through the comic... háw'aa'uu (thank you everyone) for the patience in this update coming out, díi st'igán (i was sick) for a lot of this month.

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[black sludge drips from the train's frame, and lick and dusty look on in awe.]
[the wolf figures slip off the train and recombine into the larger head.]
[it stares at the two for a minute, unnerving them.]
[the wolf head opens its mouth.]
[it starts to stick its tongue out.]
[lick watches in shock as the wolf extends its black tongue to lick dusty right on their face.
dusty: "ahh-- WHAT-- QUIT IT!"]
[lick starts laughing uncontrollably. the wolf pants happily. dusty glares at lick.
lick: "hahahahaha... *cough* ahahahahaha--"]