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chapter 6 is here!!

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[lick slams dusty into the control panel of the train.
lick: "and we're off again!"
dusty: "HEY--"]
[lick looks nonchalantly at dusty, shrugging as the lamp glares at them.]
[they turn to the front of the train, where the black wolf figure stares at them excitedly.
dusty: "...right. well, uh... bye."
lick: "seeya, pal!! aww... what a cutie."
dusty: "'cutie' is one way to put it."]
[the train picks up, sailing past the wolf.]
[the figure pants happily as it watches them go.]
[the train ascending up to the treetops.]
mal 14th Mar 2020, 12:43 PM edit delete reply
if lick is baby... and dusty is baby... and wolf is baby... who's driving the train??????