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stay safe everyone, hope y'all have been okay. <3

[page description & captions]

[an abstract panel of white and black waters crashing against each other, white figures & fangs clashing with black wolves. it cascades down to behind dusty, who is looking ahead unconcernedly. lick's ears are back, seeming lost in thought.
lick: "but... why?"
dusty: "who knows, bud."]
[the train pushes along rolling, rocky fields, with dark crags in the distance.]
[lick, staring ahead.]
[they roll their eyes upward, head tilting, feeling restless.]
[they suddenly perk up, tail curling and smiling mischievously.]
[dusty looks back at lick in amusement as they talk.
lick: "heeeeeeey dust. i'm bored."
dusty: "'dust'?"]