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[lick is flopped over, looking at dusty upside-down.
lick: "i'm too lazy to say the 'y' right now!"]
[dusty fires back, lick sticking their tongue out defiantly in response.
dusty: "suit yourself, 'licky'. the 'y's been transferred. sounds cuter that way, anyway."]
[dusty continues talking, and lick huffs and twitches their tail in annoyance, now laying on their stomach.
dusty: "but also, how do you think i feel? i have to stay here and constantly discipline myself into staying on track."]
[lick squints, thinking.
dusty: "make use of those meat-legs and have an adventure--we haven't really gone back in the train."
lick: "...hmm..."]
[lick stands up, stretching their forelegs out and letting out a tremendous yawn - whoooaaaaaahm!]
[they stretch out their hind leg.
lick: "alright, i guess it's something to do."
dusty: "please, anything to keep you busy."]
[dusty looks back at lick as they jump off the control panel.
lick: "make sure to throw a huge party for me if i don't come back. none of that depressing funeral nonsense."]
mal 28th Mar 2020, 4:42 PM edit delete reply
you don't understand how happy dusty's expressions and lick's PAWS make me you're so good at expressing shape and depth and your catnatomy (cat anatomy) in your style is so good and endearing
c_rberus 29th Mar 2020, 8:23 AM edit delete reply
háw'aa mal! i do my best with the catnatomy 💚