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[a view of the hallway. the end of the corridor is shrouded in shadow, cut by a beam of light from a door on the right side of the hallway.]
[the cat crawls up cautiously to the door.]
[peeking into the room, their eyes wide as saucers.]
[the room seems to be some sort of office, with a desk up against the wall immediately across from the cat, and a toppled chair. papers are strewn about everywhere. a drawer on the desk is open. a billboard is mounted above the desk, with a couple of leafs of paper pinned to it. a shelf runs across the wall to the left of the desk, with a pair of hooks, one that holds what seems to be a bright oil lamp. on the wall farthest from the cat is a wide window, the dark sky contrasted against the lit-up walls of the office room.]
[closer-up on the lamp, hanging from the shelf.]
[a series of panels of the cat, sneaking up across the room to the chair, then peeking up at the desk with wide eyes as they prepare to jump. they clamber up the chair and then stand with a paw on the desk, staring at the lamp, mesmerized.]