6th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM in chapter 6

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c_rberus 6th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM edit delete
i am back from hiatus! as always, fuck cops 💚

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[in the middle of the passenger cart sits dusty, apparently.
lick: "dusty...?"]
[lick, approaching dusty. some little puffs of white jump off from their glass casing.
lick: "buddy?"]
[the whiteness turns into a wisp, that floats straight upward. lick, noticing it, jumps back.]
[the wisp continues elongating upward, manifesting into the rough shape of a reptilian head.
?: "oh, lick... you're finally here, lick..."]
[the head, fully formed now, gives lick a wicked grin. lick is bristling.
?: "i was worried you wouldn't come back. we did it... we found the sun! you were right all along..."]
[lick shouts, furious.
lick: "who--what are you?! stop pretending!"]
[the figure smiles wider.
?: "who's pretending? what do you know about what's reality and what's pretend?"]
[lick walks around the figure. it watches them with an amused expression.
lick: "i'm... i'm going to find my friend."
?: "you have to stay with the light. don't you trust it? why are you going to the darkness?"]