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[finally, lick makes it to a staircase that leads to the roof of the train. they walk up it, nervously glancing at the impersonator behind them.]
[lick walks along the train, but the figure stops following; it rears its head up, its trail assuming the form of a long, powerful neck. white smoke coming off its body surrounds them both on the train, overtaken by the air whizzing past.
?: "and where have you gotten yourself to now, boy?"]
[lick continues walking, the smoke growing thicker. spines start to grow from the back of the figures neck, and more substance builds up on either side of it as it growls.
lick: "DON'T call me boy."
?: "look around you! where are you?"]
[lick turns around, teeth bared, but they falter, mouth open in shock.]
[the figure has grown 2 more necks with heads, each with a full display of sharp spines. they're all glaring at lick.
?: "can you say you're any closer to the sun?"
?: "to ANYTHING at all?"]