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sorry for the late update, i'm on the mend from urgent care today. enjoy <3

[page description & captions]

[lick is halfway up climbing on the control panel, smirking at dusty. dusty is grinning in mock frustration.
lick: "having extraprotagonistic affairs with another story arc?"
dusty: oh my heavens, forget i asked. PLEASE stop talking."]
[lick walks into dusty's view, and dusty is taken aback.
dusty: "whoa! uh... you look... awful? what happened??"]
[lick stares blankly into the distance. the panel around them breaks apart as they struggle to concentrate.
lick: "uh... ..."]
[they look down at their paws, the panel still fragmented.
lick: "just... more figures. it looked like you, but it was a trick. they're gone now."]
[dusty seems concerned, but smiles nervously. the POV shows the window to their left, revealing palm trees whizzing by as the train moves forward.
dusty: "uh... weird. yeah, i haven't moved. ...obviously. just boring nonsense on my end. the trees changed though, so, that's cool."]
[lick doesn't respond, the panel cloudy above their ears.
dusty: "... i'm sorry. were they... hostile?"
lick: "um... yeah. don't wanna worry you though, took care of it. it shouldn't be back."]