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[dusty frowns, dropping their voice.
dusty: "... uh... that's good, at least... are you sure you're okay?"]
[lick presses a paw against their face, squeezing their eyes shut. some of their dialogue is written unsteadily.
lick: "... i haven't slept right since i found you, dusty. like, i black out, but... i feel MORE tired each time i wake up."]
[dusty and lick look ahead. dusty's side of the panel is intact, while lick's is still broken apart.
dusty: "are you sure you don't have... a condition or something? maybe you just don't... remember."
lick: "but... it's like my brain can't breathe. i don't know. it takes my whole body to think my thoughts, now."]
[lick unsheathes their claws, bringing a paw up to look at them.
lick: "like... my anxiety right now just goes to my claws. i can't..."]
[they trail off. the panel focuses on their paw, blurry.
lick: "... just..."]
[they lay down, ears back.
lick: "something's happening."]
[dusty smiles softly, looking at lick sincerely.
dusty: "...hey. we're in this together. okay? i'm here for you."]
[lick is looking back, their panel still fragmented, but smiling back.
lick: "...thank you, dusty. i'm here for you, too."]