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c_rberus 15th Aug 2020, 9:37 PM edit delete
I'M SO SORRY THIS IS LATE things have been really crazy lately with our house getting torn apart to replace pipes, me getting sick... yeaaah

[page description & captions]

[the dissociation from lick's panel coalesces into a stable one, a far away view of the train as it chugs along a few dozen feet above sandy dunes, palm trees whizzing by.]
[lick and dusty watch the scenery in front.
lick: "... so... what kinda trees are those, you figure?"
dusty╠▒: "i have no idea. they're kinda weird, aren't they?"]
[out of the darkness in front of them, a weird shape materializes.
lick: "oh, wow!! what kind of bird is that?"
dusty: "uh... not a clue."]
[closer up, they realize that the winged shape is just the tip of the iceberg; a colossal dark figure in the shape of a blue whale comes into view, and they're rapidly hurdling towards it.]
[a close-up of its eye as it turns to face the train, noticing the light.
dusty: "uhh, WHOA--"]
[dusty veers the train just in time, narrowly dodging the huge snout of the figure. it watches them curiously.]